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The Measure Development Project aims to develop a measure or family of measures (referred to here as “the new measure”) to evaluate early childhood program quality within a Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System (TQRIS).  The measure development team is a multistate-collaborative effort comprised of faculty from UNC-Greensboro’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies, together with colleagues from the HDFS Department of the University of Delaware and the Department of Educational Leadership Studies of the University of Kentucky.

Based upon nationally recognized standards and knowledge of best practices across states, the new measure will allow for a broader understanding of child care quality than can be captured with measures in current use. The new measure will cover a broad range of domains and items that are empirically known to be positively associated with child outcomes in early care and education settings, while eliminating some of the redundancy in the current assessment process. Further, the new measure will expand the scope of assessment beyond individual classrooms to provide a more comprehensive picture of programs as a whole by considering multiple sources of evidence from directors, teachers, and classrooms. The new measure will also be relevant for different types of programs including child care centers, family child care homes, public school-based programs, religious-affiliated programs, developmental day programs, and Head Start sites, while intentionally address the needs of children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and of different ability levels. Finally, the new measure will be relevant and adaptable to fit within tiered quality rating and improvement systems across states.

For further information, please contact Dr. Karen La Paro at kmlaparo@uncg.edu and Dr. Rena Hallam at rhallam@udel.edu.

Funding source: NC's Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant

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